Is Stephen Curry wearing a SAMSUNG GALAXY GEAR watch?

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I happened to be watching the Los Angeles Lakers v. Golden State Warriors basketball game last night when the camera panned to the injured point guard for the Golden State Warriors sitting on the bench…. I happened to notice that he was wearing an interesting timepiece.

Randomly, when I watch sports – professional in particular – one of my favorite past times is checking out the injured players and how they are geared up on the bench, because young dudes with a lot of money can go one of two ways: they can take cues from some of the style icons of today or they try and become a style icon themselves – which in itself can have two outcomes (really good or really bad) – and I’m usually never let down by what I see.

When I saw the watch last night, I had a small clue on what it was but wasn’t sure because the camera didn’t stay fixed on him for too long, but after doing a little bit of digging and internet searching today, I’m pretty confident in saying that he is rocking the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch.

That shit is fresh….

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is an Android-based smartwatch produced by Samsung Electronics. Unveiled during a Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin on September 4, 2013, the device serves as a companion for all Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets which run Android 4.3; on launch, this included the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. – WIKI

I didn’t really know what it was other than the latest in smart watches, but then I started researching it, and found out that I kind of need one (buuuuut I don’t have a SAMSUNG phone, solo, yeah….) and its not getting the best reviews out there, but still.

Eighty years in the making, and it’s finally here.

Here are more pics….

samsung galaxy gear twitter
image :: SaumsugMobileUS twitter

The features are waaaaay too numerous to mention here, but it does pretty much everything that you think it does. ENDGADGET did their review so I’ll just leave it to them to give you the run down:

At a cost of around 3 stacks its not a reasonable device to have. I haven’t researched it but it would be extra fresh if it played your music too and you could wear some bluetooth headphones or something. I wouldn’t be mad at that…. or if it was totally blue toothed up and you could use it to control you media center at the crib with some random app. Like you could change the channels or have music playing throughout the crib, or you could activate NETFLIX or dim the lights at the crib or etc. etc. etc. … you see where I am going with this.

I’m sure they have someone at the Samsung HQ working on all of that actually, forget I mentioned it. And this is the first gen. so you know that there will be a ton of upgrades and modifications going forward, but it looks like they are off to a good start.

For a super in depth review of the Galaxy Gadget Gear, go here: ENDGADGET SAMSUNG GALAXY GEAR REVIEW