Investigative Report :: “Sick chicken: the dirty truth about food and the UK’s poultry industry”

Two-thirds of fresh retail chicken in the UK is contaminated with campylobacter, a nasty bug that affects about 280,000 people a year.

sick chicken

Campylobacter (meaning “curved bacteria”) is a genus of microaerophilic Gram-negative bacteria. It is frequently found in raw meat, particularly chicken, and thus is a significant cause of food poisoning due to handling raw meat or undercooking it.

The more and more of these videos I see, the more and more the informed part of this is going to lead me to not eating animal flesh at all. Now, obviously, this is pretty much a known thing: you can get sick from undercooked chicken. The thing that is most disturbing to me though, is the fact that we never really thought that all chicken came to your house pretty much bacteria’d up. If 2/3 of all chicken in the UK is, for lack of a better term, dirty, then what does that say about the United States industry and dare I say, anywhere else in the world you go.

My assumption would be that the United Kingdom and the United States have as stringent if not more stringent than anywhere in the world for rules on their meat standards, so anywhere else you go you are pretty much screwed. Obviously, if you cook the meat properly, there is nothing to worry about here, but do I want to take that chance all the time? Do I want to take the chance that at a restaurant they ALWAYS will cook my meat dish properly?

I still say, that meat consumption isnt bad, its the way its handled nowadays that is bad. Its the commercialiazation of it and the fact that we consume so much of it, is bad. Its bad because the thirst and hunger for more, and competition between retailers (as they tell us in the video) leads to speeding up the process to increase margins and make some sort of profit from the business that causes these kinds of things.

So, whats my solution? Cutting way back for one. Two reason for that. I just don’t want to contribute to this mass commercialization anymore. So, I try to only eat small farm raised stuff from co-ops and CSA type of places that are outside of the big suppliers. They treat the animals better. The meat, you know, is properly handled and the risk is much lower of any sort of contamination. It does cost more, so that is another reason to cut back, but you pay for the quality that you are getting. I’m ok with that. #informed