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Sandra Chabot Holistic Nutritionist sharing inspiration through food and the soul to be good to yourself.

I want you to one of my favorite people on the planet earth. Her name is Sandra Chabot and she is one of the most inspirational people that I know. Aside from being who she is, she has also contributed to my unadulterated love of the wonderful country of Canada.

If there was a 100 point scale on the reason that I love Canada so much, she would account for about 75% of it.

I was lucky enough to meet this beautiful soul a few years ago when I was visiting Canada on a work gig and me and some buddies were eating at a local restaurant and she happened to be our server. Long story short she and a couple of friends agreed to meet up with us at a cool bar later that night or the next evening for drinks and conversation. Fortunately for me, they didn’t think of us as the loud Americans, and her and her friends (I hope) had a pretty good time hanging out. I surely did and a few days later after leaving Toronto, I found myself crushing on girl that lived a couple thousand miles away.

(* That crushing part really has nothing to do with this post but I just wanted to state the obvious, she’s hot!)

Anyways, aside from probably four hours of conversation over the course of that night and an incredibly touching hug after the cab ride home, I have not spoken to her in probably three years save a few text messages here and there on birthdays and holidays. But, as we do in these days, we have maintained our connection on the FACEBOOK.

As I’ve watched her grow over the past few years, one thing I remembered about her more than anything, was just how sweet a soul she was and I’ve been hoping, that over time, she would get the chance to show a lot more people all over the world. What I didn’t know, was her story (Her Journey), which is pretty moving in itself and its kind of crazy to me, that I actually met her on the tail end of some of this stuff, but in our interaction on that day, she was just as sweet as could be. That to me, incredibly, is all the more reason that I want to support her in getting people a chance to see who she is.

She recently launched a wonderful website to support her story, along with a Facebook page, an instagram page, twitter, and all things social networking that you can imagine. She calls herself a holistic nutritionalist, but she is much more than that, so follow her around the network and find out for yourself..

Sandra Chabot Nutritionist on FACEBOOK : : Sandra_Chabot on IG : @Sandra_Chabot on TWITTER

Follow her for some great recipes, inspiration quotes, free wellness / nutritional advice, etc…. She’s a special girl and I’m happy that I’ve met her.

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* Just an FYI, she is engaged to be married to a really good guy, so there is no funny business here on my part lol! *