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FullyRaw Kristina Chief co-operating Goddess at & raw vegan food inspiration at She’s been about that life, and 100% Low Fat Raw Vegan for over 8 years

This is a great follow on INSTAGRAM. Now, lets be clear, this is a different kind of follow than we usually do here, but I think that this chick Kristina should get some shine on IME. For a couple of reasons… One, as I put in the title of the post, this is actually more of a lifestyle follow, than an instagram follow, because if you ever thinking about going the vegan or raw route, there is no one better on the planet to follow (for me) than Kristina.

First off, she’s hot. And even thought that might be low key crazy, thats kind of important to me. A lot of times when we think about the people that are really really healthy and eat well, vegan, vegetarian, raw, etc., they are usually super hippy’d out and lets just say, they aren’t that attractive. Kristina blows that right out of the water and she actually seems like someone you could hang with. Second, she obviously walks the walk and isn’t just in this for the fame and money. She’s got a co-op in the Houston area. She gives back to the community. She knows what she is talking about. Thats someone worth following on the social networks.

Even though, I’m not a fully raw type of dude, I definitely think that we could all use a spell or two (a couple of days at a time) of going all raw. If for nothing else just to hit control-alt-delete on your body for a few days and give your insides a break to reset themselves. And you never know, you might just catch the bug and do it a lot more often than you would.

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She’s got videos, she’s got recipes, she’s got inspirational posts, she’s got fun stuff, product links … pretty much everything you need if you wanted to be about that life.

And-oh-by-the-way, Beyonce is from Houston and when her and Jay Z were on that vegan kick thing, they requested stuff from her. Obviously, she’s the one to go to…..