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Angela Davis is a self-taught home cook, blogger, recipe developer, mom.

She’s from the DMV and she makes what she has dubbed elevated comfort with a blog and site called

I first got hip to her from a link on a homies page who is about that life.

Here are a couple of ig pics that you need to with.

Breakfast #tacos this morning… scrambled eggs, rib eye steak, pico de gallo, feta, pea shoots.

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Girl can burn. Girl can cook anything and e’ry thang.

Her site has recipes and full res pics and lovely entries that will keep you well fed and teach you how to cook and make you look like you know what you are doing.

Follow her everywhere and get down in the kitchen. The Kitchenista aka @MissAngelaDavis on twitter | The Kitchenista on the gram as you can see | Angela Marie Davis on the facebook

Ayyyye and don’t be out here looking like a fool trying to repost her pics as yours on the instagram, she has eye everywhere and will call you out for being a punk!