Instagram Follow Alert :: Lauren Pappas aka Lauren Fit DJ

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Lauren Pappas aka DJ VTrixx is also a multi talented actress, model and fitness expert who has been featured in major motion pictures, on primetime TV networks, commercials, music videos, modeling shoots, on TV networks such as, MTV, Bravo, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), Comedy Central, CBS, NBC and most recently on Good Morning America.

She’s awesome. She’s a great dj. She’s hot as shit and she is all about the fitness.

* This is just a small sampling by the way. There are A LOT more pics where these came from. Go ahead and give her a follow and then thumb through this page before you hit the weights. Its motivation. She’s perfect.

Check out her on social networks :: @LaurenAPappas :: WWW.DJVTRIXX.COM : VTrixx on FACEBOOK