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Jessica Lowndes is a Canadian actress, singer, and songwriter. She is best known for, and most people got hip to her (as did I) in her role as Adrianna series 90210. When I first saw the show, I made the joke to my friend that we are entering a Jessica Stroup world and everyone else is just a witness…. but upon further review Jessica Lowdes might be the one.

But don’t sleep on Stroup either. Low key that show has some of the hottest broads on the planet on that show.

Anyways, Jessica Lowdes is on these pages for the picture below, that I just saw about an hour ago. This pic is perfect. Shouts out to Jess Lowdes. Shouts out to #MTG …. if I find out that she is a vegetarian or a vegan, she will be here again, trust me with that one.

Wearing my @redsox gear to the gym today! #redsoxnation #worldseries #champions

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