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One of the things that we always hear is that it just too much trouble to cook, it takes too long, its expensive, its hard, guys don’t cook, blah blah blah…. I got hip to this page after a buddy of mine posted something on instagram that he cooked tonight and he tagged @FITMENCOOK. I went over to the page and say some of the posts and thought that they definitely needed a shout out and a post.

The one thing that I am noticing, and maybe its just the friends that I know, how much cooking and working out that everyone is doing. I don’t know if its because instagram and pinterest make it soooo easy to stunt and have people thinking that you are on your shit, but it seems like everyone is taking better care of themselves and cooking.

The more I think about it, its actually an awesome thing because one of the best things that you can ever do to get in shape and stay on your shit is to get a buddy or workout partner to make sure that you get it in. Its the accountability thing that we all need, and if you start posting shit on the social networks, its like you have a whole group supporting you. You can’t be talking about how much you are working out and cooking up good stuff and then come around looking like shit. Its perfect. So is this page.

Throw them a follow and get inspired and motivated what they do. Also on twitter at @FITMENCOOK

Also, think about how many simple recipes that you learn and how much the chickas will like that shit.

Check out a few of the videos that I grabbed from their page: