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Alicia Reyes – God is my #1 – Sponsors: #NZCorona @magnumsocks @cavemanfoods – For Meal/Training Plans hit her up at

Alicia Reyes is a fitness model out of Corona California who is making her way onto the fitness scene by hard work, dedication and some awesome work on the internets. She’s built quite a following on instagram and Facebook with inspirational quotes, food pics, fitness information, work out videos and some downright wonderful pictures of her fitness progress. You will be hard pressed to tell me that there is anyone else on the internets who is built more perfectly than this shawty. She looks about 5′ 1 or 5′ 2 and in almost perfect fitness.

If you check around on her instagram, it seems as simple as a meal plan and a work out plan, and sticking to it. This is just a small sampling of what she is working with and there are A LOT more pics where this came from. Go ahead and give her a follow and then thumb through this page before you hit the gym. Its motivation. Its perfect.

Alicia offers meal and training plans so check out her Alicia Reyes FACEBOOK PAGE or hit her up at

I’ll say this, Alicia has some wonderful pictures and inspirational postings and things you need to pay attention to on her instagram and Facebook page, but this goes first… because this pic is perfect.

Love chicks who do squats!!

Alicia Reyes Corona mag

That’s little ol me on the front cover of #corona magazine! Comin out #BlackFriday! Yaay! #NutritionZone