Incredible Idea: IKEA Recipe “Coloring” Books

Fill in the black recipes.
Printed with food safe ink.
On cooking parchment paper.

This is one of those things where you see it and you know that it’s immediately a phenomenal idea. . . One of those, dammit man, why didn’t I think of that a long time ago. And these fill in the space recipe sheets are dope.

They did this beta test in Canada and I’m too lazy to see if when and if this is going worldwide, but they have something on their hands with this one. It’s kind of a game changer for all of those people who say that they have no idea how to cook. This is a level up from the box food delivery services and makes it oh so simple to follow along.

I don’t know how good these would be for someone like me, I’m notorious for not following cooking rules at all, but it would be a fun little thing to do.

Businesswise it’s lowkey brilliant as well because I know IKEA struck out with the standalone grocery store thing a while back but what is to stop them from running that back or attempting to do some sort of grocery pickup type of thing.

Not really like the food box delivery but could this drive an add-on drive up window type of business for them? I only say that because it looks like there is branded food there in that video and I happen to live by/went to the largest IKEA in North America last weekend and the way that its set up, there might be an opportunity there.

Groceries have been and continue to be the next great frontier in automation, ripe for disruption, the twinkle in VCs eyes or whatever…. and in the light of the whole Amazon buying whole foods thing, this looks to me like a clear dipping of the proverbial toes in the waters. I religiously use Amazon Prime Now for grocery shopping, and I wouldn’t be upset if I could go online and pick out 5 meals that I wanted to eat, pay for it, and then could drive pass IKEA on my way home from work and have someone throw a box of goods in my back seat that I could take home to cook for the week.

Let’s see what happens with it.