Impossible Foods Cooked ‘The Plant-Based Burger that Bleeds’ on Facebook Live

Starting Wednesday, July 27, the Impossible Foods’ vegan “plant-based burger that bleeds” will be on the menu at David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi in Manhattan.

Chang, as you may know from a previous post that we’ve done here at IME, or from social media, is a massive fan of this burger from Impossible Foods and has been as big a proponent of IF as any really accomplished chefs in the food game.

Today, Munchies, Impossible Foods and David Chang (and I don’t know the shorties name who was testing it) tried out the burger for Munchies on Facebook live and it was pretty eye opening actually.

The picture below tells the story for me.

The eyes don’t lie.

She was enjoying this burger and what she said really talked to me.

This is kind of freaking me out, this must be some sort of witchcraft you’ve got going on here.

Munchies Impossible Foods FB Live 2

I’m pretty excited that the burger is now on a menu and out in the wild because that just tells me that it will be coming to the Best Coast soon and I’ll be able to try this burger for myself.