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Wow, it’s been a reeeeally long time since I got in here.

That is neither here nor there though because I am back.

I’m back on my bullshit.

I’m back on my motivation.

I’m back on my I have to get right.

I don’t have a bunch of time because I decided that I’m going back to Thailand… .at the end of the year…. which is 4.5 months from now.


That’s what it look like last time. And there was a whole lot of beach action and a whole lot of hot as situations.

There were only a couple of smash situations and that is not a good batting average for the kid. Unacceptable.

That’s changing this time. I promise.

* Added bonus: I’m going with a crew of homies and chickas and me and a couple of the other out of shape dudes made a pact to get right. It allegedly started last weekend (I started, they didn’t) and my goal is to make them look like sh.t! I want to be on my Idris Elba bs why they regret not getting started.

My goal. Is to be at one of these infinity pools on the roof with the top off and a gang of bishes around the set seeing the 6/8 pack. Havent had that jawn since high school, but I’m shooting for it..

They still haven’t by the way… I actually just saw some work on the grams. They are at a party held in a really cool spot with some really cool people and some reeeeeeally attractive females. I’m not. Couldve been but I know better than that. I’ve stopped and started to much to have pulled the plug in less than a week. And if you say, one day isnt that crazy is it? It is. For me. I get loose with it really quick so I need to make sure I get at least a month in before I start making those kinds of life decisions this time aorund.


get to work

I love my friends…. I happened to be at Happy Hour last night, with someone I hadnt seen in a while and it was going great. It was GREAT. But something said has been ringing in my head all day today, because it hit pretty close.

Its random and its inspiring and its refreshing and its real and its all kinds of those things. We were at HH, and ordered some apps (regular bar fare) … stuffed mushrooms, some mac and chee, some corn ball puffy things and then shared a BJs sized pizza with a couple of slices a piece.

This is a friend I am very close to, but around the time that I ordered my 3rd beer, she just said, “You know I read your blog right …. should you be eating like this?”

Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I absolutely loved that she called me out on my bullshit. Because if I am real about it, and I’m supposed to be on this journey of mine, I need to be on it. I need to stay on it. I need to figure out how to make this work for me ALL THE TIME. It was kind of sobering to me too, because although I have been getting it in… I havent been getting it in like I need to.

Thats gonna change….


pain to strength

Its funny how much female problems and cheesy internet motivational quotes can fuel you….

Thats. All.


its funny because yesterday I saw a friend, that I didn’t know had been following the site, and he was joking about how my twitter feed and post game is all over the place. He was like, “One day its all about health shit and then the next it just pictures of food!”

Thats funny to me because I think thats the whole idea behind this. I’m not going to the lettuce thing, I’m just getting better about how I get down. No crazy meals of half a pizza and some wings. No steak sandwiches as big as my arm with extra cheese and mayo slabbed all over it. Just better, smarter, healthier.

Today I almost lost it…. It was a co-workers birthday and the way we get down, always, is with PORTOS. So for brunch time I had a potato ball, a cheese puff and a empanada. Not too bad, and a lot better than I used to do. For lunch a chicken sand and some chips. For dinner, some beef tacos and black beans.

The thing about the taco though is that they were relatively healthy… super lean beef with onions. a lot of onions. little bit of chee. Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and a side of black beans… plus I ate it before 6p and its after 12 as I’m writing this… so its not going to weigh on me at all. I’m god, but could chill out a little bit. I’m happy with today.

1 breakfast portos

2 lunch sando

3 tacos and beans

4 taco


7up and sandwich

beers at stub hub

sandwich and 7up

Kind of an epic cheat day, but I wanted to represent since I’m down 10 lbs in this dirty game… I didn’t have a picture of both halves of the sandwich, but I posted this twice to let you know that I polished both sides of it. I had half before the game that I went to… had three beers at the game… and then came to the crib-o and killed the other half of the sand. shit was mad good though. It comes from my favorite local joint, a place called Giamela’s. Super old school and right. Old dudes working in there, yelling out, “NEXT!!” and then only accepting cash. Spot is lovely.




Orange… and I slipped up and fell prey to pizza fridays. ah well, it was a cheat day of sorts and Ill let it go.


Lettuce wrap. Thats shrimp, eggs, and crab into a salad with just a lil bit of mayo, sriracha and a lot of flavored mustard. Goes down really easy, and you can see that there was a lot of lettuce in there from the week before.



For the record we are down 10 pounds.

breakfast 1023

Some OJ, a Met-RX and water for breakfast

lunch 1023

More of my squash soup : Some spicy buttercup squash bisque type of thing : My Recipes

dinner 1023

Piece of talapia and a salad with two pieces of toast. Could have done without the toast, but them shits are good. Last two pieces in the bag, so there will be no more of that!


Screen shot 2013-10-19 at 9.55.47 PM

Right now I am in a hotel room about 200 miles from where I live and that is the only important thing happening in this room. The reason I am here, the reason I am about to body this bottle of Bulleit isnt something I really want to talk about (I took a MAJOR L tonight) but it reminded me of a post I threw up at the beginning of 2013. I

I’ve modified it to tonight, because I swear to myself that I have to get it together. Here it is:

Back in the day, when I was bartending and when I thought I was cute, when I went to work out, I felt I was in competition with Tyson Beckford for that top spot.

I haven’t worked out like I’ve meant it in a while.

But shit keeps happening to me that tells me that I need to get it together.

I think it’s time for me to get “that top spot” back.

I’m gonna go under the hood and not come out for 3 or 4 months. Its 2013 2014 and summer is gonna be a problem…

I literally posted that somewhere at the beginning of 2013. I missed this summer. But the ticket for Thailand in January has been purchased…. I’ve been shitted on by two more women in the last two weeks.

This has got to get better.


Today was a decent. I had a shake for breakfast, but I didnt have a snack because I didnt cut up any fruit this morning and forgot to bring and orange or something so I was starving at lunch. I went out to see what food trucks were at work, and I ended up going to the Mandoline Grill truck. It was aight. Here are pictures and links.

met rx shake

6 mandoline truck meal

LINK : I had the Mandoline Grill Food Truck today for lunch … it was good

8 plated with sauce

LINK : I made some homemade lettuce wraps “with shrimp” type of thing : My Recipes


The following is what I ate today.

1 strawberry

2 mango

3 mango

4 mango dont waste

There was a Cuban sandwich in the middle of this that I didn’t take a picture of. Maybe I shouldnt have had that….



I decided that I really need a girlfriend now. Not, RIGHT NOW, but I think in 2014 that is the way to go for sure… thats all.


salmon and green beans

Dinner tonight. Stuffed salmon and green beans… and a GANG of Tabasco.


living room 1

living room 2

I felt a certain type of way today and had to change up the program. So, I moved things around in the living room. I actually wanted to go really different and move my bed into the living room area and move my desk, tv, yoga mat, couch and spin bike into the bedroom so that is like “the office” and work out space and the living room would be like a studio / loft kindof apartment. But I didnt like how I thought it was going to feel. But I still may do it, depending upon how I feel about the current set up.

It may look a little weird but its function over form at this point. I need it to do what it do. I opened the space up by moving the table and all my shoes into another part of the apartment so I have a place to do the stretch and yoga thing after I spin in the mornings. Plus when I get back from wherever I am, I see the workout space immediately and either stretch or hit some pushups or situps or something.

Its time to get on it. Thailand is coming soon and there is also a wedding in a nice area that I will be going to… single ladies, pool and lake area, nice resort… I wanna be able to “take advantage” of that, right?



Breakfast was this terrrrrrible juice that I made last night. Carrots, Kale, a few strawberries and a tomato. I was basically cleaning out the fridge. I thought the carrots and strawberry would take care of the kale but that kale was on some supercharged shit. It was terrible. I did drink it all though.

Lunch was fennel and cauliflower. polenta or them I-talian grits. Seared steak. Kind of heavy, but it was lunch. I can do that… good shit.


Dinner was a meat bean and cheese burrito that I made at the crib…. I may have had a quesadillas later…



Back on my shit forreals. This is what I at today. Well, not quite forreals because I could do without the salad dressing, but I’ll get it together mañana.

1 mango and orange

I actually didnt get a chance to eat the mango (pronounced mongo) because as you can see, its not ripe. The orange was bomb though.

2 peno lemonade

Had to get this lemonade for lunch. I watered it down though… very, ready!

3 chicken salad at lunch

Chicken “in a bowl” special at work… white meat chicken breastasis, mixed lettuce, chee, tomato, jicama, pickle chips, carmelized onions and dressing.

4 fish and salad dinner

Dinner was another salad, with eggs and ranch + a piece of talapia with a gang of tabasco. Good day.


This won’t help.


Its some of the leftover beer from the even we threw over the weekend.


This is what I had for lunch today.

lunch today

Not too bad. Could have used a little less ranch on it, but it was decent none the less. Dinner was 5 of those little mini wings, I wasnt that hungry and just needed some fuel to get me through the evening.

I had an interesting thing happen this weekend that tells me that I am a fatass. I mean, I already know that I’m a fatass, but something happened to me that I cant even recall happening again. Maybe its because I like to think that I am somewhat charming and that looks dont really matter to chicks, but the reality is, they do. At least when you arent already together or whatever, but anyways, that wasnt this situation.

I had an event that was thrown for a big sponsor over the weekend. Me and my business partner had hooked the whole thing up and invited a ton of friends over and people who follow us on twitter and instagram and blah blah blah…. So, there was this one chick that I was particularly hoping to show up. I’d never met her before in real life, but over twitter we had a pretty cool association. It never really got flirtatious or anything like that but from past experiences, there was definitely a possibility of something being there because we vibed right.

So anyways, I’ll make this short because I gotta go workout… she showed up and I saw her immediately, but I dont think she recognized me. She. Was. Fire.

Body. Ridiculous.

Now, I dont want to make assumptions, but she wasnt in normal going out gear. Like, she was a fucking smokeshow…. like beyond words. I would totally have gotten my paparazzi on and snapped a pic of her (just to keep) but we definitely dont have that kind of association for me to be snapping a picture of her donk in that black dress she had on. It is burned into my brain though… anyways, me being me, I came right over to her and gave the hug and said its great to finally meet and all that, but she seemed a little disappointed. I dont know if she was, I’m just being honest.

I know what my “game” is like. I have lyrics. Plain and simple. But we didnt have the back and forth like we should have. I will say that she specifically introduced the guy she was with as, “My Friend” so I know she is single. Plus she shoots social network selfies and she is never out with a guy.

Shes hot bro. She single. We like each other on the social networks.

But when we met in person it fell flat. What. Dafuq!?

That, to me, means that I’m not visually appealing.

Fuck that. I gotta get it together.

I’d hate to have ruined my shot with this one because my look is not on point. Get it together bro!

Here is the thing, I’m not a slob. I have a great job. I’m kind of funny. I know how to treat a woman with right. Trust me when I tell you that. I know I do. But I can’t for the life of me get a woman who wants to be down with me. The shit is depressing. I think its because of my brand. I hope its that simple.

But, to be honest, its kind of a cycle effect for me. I got fat, and no chick that I like, who I get to know reciprocates the situation. In my mind its because I’m fat. Period. Point blank. So I’m like fuck it, serve me up another chile relleno and get as much cheese in there as you can.

But thats a stupid way to think. I have to maintain that as long as I’m alive, I gotta keep up the fight, and when I’m back on my Morris Chestnut shit, they will be back on my dick.

I’m only being honest man.

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