I’ME Not Posting Much : I’ME on VACATION Bishes!!!


I havent posted anything for the lasst week or so, not because I am getting lazy or anything like that BUT because I’ve been on vacation and havent had a stable internet connection or been in the same place too long other than getting some sleep.

I’ve taken about a million pics and put a lot of memories, thoughts and obserrvations in the mental memory card so there will be a lot of posting and refelcting in the near future I’m sure.

Like, for example, the image above. Hands down the best meal I have had in years, maybe my entire life. It was as Anthony Bourdain’d out as one could hope to be and the Tom Yam Soup, that we had was out of this world. I will be dedication plenty of time in the next few months learning how to make it back at the crib!


Time to hit this beach again!


raya resort

* This is the beach we hit a couple of days ago…. dont have a pic of the beach imma’bout to hit (obviously) … anyways. Layta!

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