I’m Throwing Down :: Trick Daddy’s NEW SEASONING LINE

Miami Music Royalty Trick Daddy Dollars makes his global culinary debut with the launch of three new southern inspired seasonings!

Ok, so a few things here.

Just know that I was throwing down on this before I watched the video, just based on the fact that I love T Double D.

I’m getting at least 20 bucks worth. I’m going with the jerk and the cajun.

I almost want to get all three just based on the fact that he has a vegan/gmo free/gluten free “chicken” seasoning. That makes no sense. But I believe in Trick.

Low key, if you look at some of the redeemables, I would throw down a lot more money if I live in the greater Miami area. A couple hundred bucks to go shopping Trick, get the seasoning sauces, and kick it for a BBQ at his house! I’m in. But it wouldn’t cost me a couple hundred, it would get in the thousands since I’d have to fly to Miami, and find somewhere to stay in Miami, and since you are in Miami you are going to go shopping in Miami, and to the club in Miami, and to the strip club in Miami…. do I need to go to Miami right now? Stop STOP STOP!! I’m rambling.

Anyways, speaking of Miami. And speaking of TDD. He is one of the few artists (along with the Miami guys) that actually made you want to be from, or visit a certain area of the world just because of the picture they painted.

I felt that way about Outkast and Atlanta… so much that I went there for college.

But I think Trick and Luke and Ross, did that same thing for Miami for me.

Dig. I live in LA. I don’t need to travel for the sun and the girls and the beach since I have that here. But, there is something about the way these cats speak about Miami that made me want to see it for my own eyes. I imagine a lot of people got that feeling about LA and SoCal from a lot of our music, but the Miami thing really hit home with me after these guys got it going.

Here are some of my favorite Trick Daddy songs / verses that show you whats up.

This is just a great rekkid

This song, almost made me want to move to Miami. Real spit.

This is the first time I really heard and more importantly paid attention to Rick Ross.

This is the song that I always point to whenever someone tries to slander Pit Bull. He used to BUSSSSSS. Before he decided to go the pop route and make a ton of money. The Luke sitting on the throne part is great. And Ross shows up and lets you know that he is that dude.

This one here though…. oh, boy.

This is just a great record. Guaranteed to get anything started. A party. A work out. A fight.

I’m either looking to throw some iron on a weight bar and pump out combine style bench presses, or I’m looking to throw these hands.

By the way, decided I’m buying all three sauces.