I’m Only Buying Candles from Voyage et Cie ever Again

Voyage et Cie is the ultimate luxury blend of travel, design and scents. They have an exquisite collection of artisan candles, essential oils and parfum – all curated by Melanie Apple a French-educated history, fashion and design buff.

I happened to be at one of my favorite nightclubs in Downtown Los Angeles and smelled the sweet incredible scent of one of their candles and needed to get them for my apartment. I happen to know the owners of the place and scent a text message (see what I did there?) to my guy the next day asking about the candles.

He gave me the name of the candle and I did the rest . (google) . It turns out, the homebase is about a 10 minute drive from my place. I went there immediately.

Upon entering, the words I said were, “I was at a lounge in Downtown last night and…..” and before I got the rest of my sentence out, Nicole (I found out her name later) said, “TUBEROSE. It’s right over here.”

Apparently, one of the owners that I know, happened to be in the shop a few months ago and bought this scent for all of his bars. Their group has several in the area. Here is what I picked up.

4ÈME MARAIS ROSE CURRANT, Organic & Sustainable 100% Soy Candle, with white rose, red fruits, cassis, black pepper, bergamot, and musk fragrance notes starting at 12.50

Voyage et Cie Candles - 5

TUBEROSE CANDLE, Organic & Sustainable 100% Soy Candle, with a sweet tuberose with a hint of magnolia, jasmine and wintergreen fragrance notes starting at 12.50

Voyage et Cie Candles - 7

Voyage et Cie Candles - 8

I’m going to be completely honest that I forgot what this one was called, but it smells amazing too.

Voyage et Cie Candles - 6

They have tons of other stuff too, but I was in kind of a hurry so I had to get out of there; but candles, oils, body scrubs, all kinds of spa like stuff. Can’t lie, it gets mad expensive if you don’t watch yourself, but its worth it. My housewarming gift game is about to be crazy!

Beautiful scents at Voyage et Cie Studio City! #voyageetcie #parfum #candles #shop #paris

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Here is the location, and here is the Voyage et Cie website and YELP.