I’m Gonna Try “NATURE BOX” because vending machines suck!

1 vending machine

So, I will give you a quick peek into how the mind of S. works….

Over the last couple of days, I have had conference calls scheduled for really random times during the day (for me at least). The conference calls have something to do with a project that I am doing totally independent of me 9 to 5 gig, so to take these conference calls I have to either take a long lunch, or a late lunch, or figure out a way to get the calls in while I am not at work. Thats not really important, or wouldn’t be, if I had planned a little bit better the last couple of days, but I’ve been busy finishing up a paper for class, so I haven’t been able to properly portion and plan my meals.

Saying all that, the situation that I found myself in, was this: I planned to take long lunches and come home for the conference call and just grab a bite to eat while I’m at the penthouse. The issue that happened to me, is that the conference calls have been rescheduled and it resulted in me being stuck at work, without any food to eat for lunch. I had already crushed my apple and oranges that I’d brought, but right around the 130 / 145 moment, I started to get that afternoon hunger that you get when don’t eat lunch at 1145 like I do every single day.

So, I mosied on over to the vending machine in the lunch break room to see what the options were and I hadn’t been in front of a vending machine in a really long time. Needless to say, the options were pretty terrible.

2 vending machine trail mix

3 vending machine chex mix

Two different days. Same situation both times. My choices were aiiiight, but still not good. Went with the trail mix one day and the chez mix the next. Then I looked at the back of the bag and it was all bad. I mean, its good that I didn’t go for my usual shit, something that in the cookie mold or a thing of pop tarts, but even the ‘healthy’ options, I would pass on.

So this got me thinking, there should be a way for me to get some snacks, as opposed to always going to Whole Paycheck or to Sprouts Farmers Market as spend about a million dollars on pistachios and / or cashews… so I put the google machine to work and found something here….

nature box

NatureBox makes it easier for you and your family to eat healthier. Your monthly membership delivers hand-picked snacks to your door along with recipes and ideas for healthy eats

Every month, you’ll discover nutritionist-approved snacks that taste great. Our snack experts will send you a new Discovery Box of snacks each month.

For 20 bucks a month, you get a box mailed to you full of snacks. If you portion it out right, its the exact same price as vending machine stuff, but its better for you according to the packaging. Each one of my vending machine choices cost $1 a piece, and if you can get 20 servings out of a $20 dollar box, its the exact same thing. And its a lot healthier for you… I might have to give this a legit shot. And the shipping is free so its a straight 20 bucks. Lets do this!

And here is the other thing…. my laziness is about to reach all new levels. I’ve already gotten the Farm Fresh to You stuff for all of my produce needs…. I’m looking for a nice distributor to go with the dead animal… and Amazon sends us all sorts of everything else, and I have Amazon Prime, so it gets here in 2 days. I may not need to leave the house to buy anything now!