If Rick Ross gets Skinny Before I do…..

“The most I used to do for exercise was stand up to count the money. Now I eat pears.”

Rick Ross talks to Westwood backstage at his London show about his weight loss, RossFit program & fruit game. – Tim Westwood

This is actually pretty interesting. I have a friend who is pretty tied in with the MMG team and I had hit her up a while back on somehting random asking about Ross and she started telling me about a fitness routine he’d started. I had my doubts, as most probably would, and she quickly told me, “Dude. You will bug out when you see him.”

rick ross chicks cannes

That was like a month ago. And dare I say it, dude is slimming up forreals. Look at his face in that ig pic with the babes from Cannes. Now, he’s still a fat bastard, (and I can say that, because I’m a fat bastard), but you can see that he is on his way.

This interview is funny as hell too, I like how he explains Crossfit, like no one has ever heard of it. Its the biggest thing in the world these days bawse.

* Real talk though, I’ve been talking shit about getting in shape for years…. and if Rozay gets fit before I do…