Ichiran in Brooklyn, New York : The Solo-Dining Ramen Spot that gives me all the feels

So Buzzfeed posted this video today with the caption, “This Brooklyn Ramen Shop Is Perfect For People Who Hate People” … and, I’m mesmerized.

The place is called Ichiran Ramen.

They have a traditional sit down style ramen restaurant on one side, and their famous “flavor concentration booths” on the other side.

Yes, solo booths, each equipped with a system Guide, and an order form. The bamboo shade is lowered as soon as the ramen arrives. A call button summons a server, and placing a metal tray on the sensor indicates you’d like a noodle refill.

Here is a shot from the Facebook, showing the Ichiran original booths:


So here’s a though that I have as I look at this video, and this is important : let’s not limit this to a Ramen spot…..

I need this for a burger joint, and a pizza place, and a burrito place, and breffis place, and sandwich shop, and steakhouse, bbq, tea….. yeah, you catch my drift.

This picture lifted from IG is pretty awesome too. Check out the print on the chopsticks baggie


Upon further investigation, entry level at this spot is $18.90 for the solo ramen and some water. They are tons of ad-ins, beers, apps, other stuff that you can get, but the solo situation will cost you about a dub. That’s a little expensive for lunch if we’re going to be honest, but I would still rock with spots like this I think.

But, not in the beginning… I could only imagine the selfie takers and the people in there with their friends in different booths coordinating. Egh. I hate you folks already.

I could eat at a spot like this everyday of my life.