I tried to make some sort of Tomatillo Enchilada Casserole Thingy….


Soooooo, I got some tomatillos in my Farm Fresh To You delivery this week and I decided to figure out something to make with a couple of pounds of tomatillos.

tomatillo cooked

Now, lets establish that I’m not really good with recipes or at cooking, but I find a way to make shit that I like and usually it turns out ok. I like to call myself A Ghetto Top Chef.

A GTC is not someone who cooks steaks and makes pasta or soemthing like that and shows it off on ig, a GTC is someone who takes random shit and makes the most out of it… thats what I tried to do here.

We have all had enchiladas in our lifetime (btw, I like to pronounce it ANCHiladas) so we know the basic things that go into them. I do, but I wanted to freak it a little bit. I didnt want to use all of my tomatillos for this, so I cooked some off to put them in a salsa I was making, and these anchilasas.


I’ll make it simple because I dont use defined sized for ingredients in any sort of way, I just let it play out.

What I used were: tomatillos, jalepenos (three kinds), cheese (two kinds), greek yogurt, flour/corn blend tortillas, can of refried beans, lime, cilantro, S&P, chicken, pork, green onions.

What I did was, boil the chicken and pork, different pots until they were done and then I shredded the meat. After the meat was shredded, I mixed in greek yogurt, salt and pepper, cheese as a filling for the anchiladas. Add in the tomatillo mix when you want (tomatillo, green onions, jalepeno, lime, random stuff blended together).

I layered down a base in the baking dish of refried beans.

My thought process on this was, usually if you have enchilada sauce you dip the tortillas in the sauce and then roll them so that the tortillas dont stick to the pan BUT, I didnt have sauce. I layed down the layer of beans because I’m knocking out two birds here. I can have something between the tortillas and the dish, and the beans (my side dish) will be cooking at the same time.


Spoon in your meat / greek yogurt / cheese mix. Add a little bit more chee if you want. After they are all rolled up, cover with foil and throw it in the oven. Depends on what you like, but the meat is already cooked so you just need everything to marry in the oven. I used a 325* temp for about 30 minutes, and wahlahhh, here we have it!

It actually, wasnt bad at all.








Top with more chee!