I tried to make some sort of Quinoa Jambalaya Thingy….

1 prep

I’m bad with following recipes. I’m even worse when I have made something before and think that I can pull it off by memory. I’ve made jambalaya maybe 20 times in my life, so I dont even bother with looking at a recipe anymore. I know the base ingredients and this time around, I wanted to change the game a little bit. I used the usual stuff that goes in a jambalaya but then freaked it a little bit.

Here is my ingredient list:

Onions, mixed sweet peppers, tomatoes in bell peppers, spicy sausage, scrimp, garlic, quinoa, and assorted seasonings.

The sweet peppers and onions came in my FFTY delivery this week and the quinoa is something that I have fallen in love with over the last week. Here is the cook-up.

2 sautee

Sauté the sausage first, and then drain ( you dont need all of that extra grease.) Then sauté the onions and peppers. Mix and season liberally.

3 add tom

Add the tomatoes once the sauté mix is nice and ready.

4 add quinoa

Add your quinoa and water.

5 add water

Bring to a boil and let it cook! Cook times will vary, but it will be about 25 minutes. Once your quinoa is tender to your liking it is ready.

7 add skrimp

After it done cooking up, take off the burner and add the skrimps.

8 fold skrimp

Fold in the skrimps and cover. You dont want to overcook the shrimp, so you just let the heat from the almost finished meal cook the skrimp for you.

9 fluff

Get your fluff on….

10 serve

Search your refrigerator for some beer and get your favorite hot sauce ready.

11 eat with beer

This shit is good. And if its this good right now, I can only imagine what it is going to taste like tomorrow after it has been in the fridge and all of the stuff can get in there and make love to each other and really make it happen. I’m happy right now and feeling accomplished. The only thing that I would have changed is that I would not have put in as much liquid. There was some residual liq from the tomatoes and I think it proved to be too much.

* Side note * The ratio on water-to-quinoa is 2-to-1.