I slipped up last night…… #tacotruck

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Had a slip up last night.

It all goes back a couple of days, because I got some relatively good, could be great, news over the course of the week and I wanted to have a celebratory cocktail last night.

Turns out that celebratory cocktail turned in to a pack of cigarettes, several cocktails at one of my favorite watering holes. Later in the nigh, some female friends who I haven’t seen in a while stopped by, so I ended up staying waaaay longer than I had thought I was going to.

Then it was 2 o’clock before I knew it and we were all standing in front of the taco truck ordering this / ordering that. I LOVE burritos by the way, so upon the suggestion, I was down like four flats. But now I feel like shit this morning. A grapefruit helped. A shit ton of water is helping. A slip up now and then isn’t going to submarine this plan…

Back on the horse!


So, it wasnt as bad as I thought… I just looked in the fridge and there is about 2/3s of the burrito left. I didn’t go that hard.

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