I Messed Around and Made Some OVEN BAKED “CRISPY” CHICKEN WINGS :: My Recipes

Quick note, I’m trying to eat healthier, just by a little bit, so from time to time I am looking for ways to cook things a certain type of way that keeps the textures and flavor profiles that I am used to, but cutting out some of the more fattening things about them.

Fried chicken, is something I love. I love the flavor, I love the texture, I love the crispiness and crunchiness of it.

But to get that, you have to fry the shit out of it, and science and everyone in the planet that has some sense, will tell you that deep frying chicken is bad for you. Do I believe that all the way, not quite, but I think if there is another way to get it, I should try it.

So, I googled it and found that you can get some crisp on things, without having to fry them.

I don’t know the science but this baking powder apparently pulls out the moisture from things and lends it to crisp up and give that fried feeling.

It was the weekend, there were a ton of soccer games on and with football season looming, I’m working on this so I can do the wings thing, but not feel all the way guilty about them.

Here is what I did, feel free to do the same.

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 1

“Party Wings” are always the way to go. Small so they cook fast. They can take a lot of flavor and, you can switch it up if you want. I usually do them 2 ways, with and without sauce. But you can come up with a ton of sauces after they are cooked.

This stuff here, Clabber Girl Baking Powder is the real MVP here. Something that I didnt know about it is this: is gluten-free and certified Kosher by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.

After googling it doing some extensive research we find why BP is so crucial. What happens is, baking powder is composed of an acid and an alkali that helps draw moisture to the surface, where it evaporates. The acid break down proteins within the top layer, and the alkali speeds up the browning process, which results in the outer layer getting crispy. So, in turn, no need to throw it in hot grease.

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 2

Here is the seasonings line up. There is really no rhyme or reason to this other than I wanted to get a spicy jerk like taste to the wings. Long story short, after this, you are making a regular batter that you would fry with. Disclaimer below.

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 3

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 4

As always, here is the disclaimer:

I’m not a chef, I’m not even a cook… I’m just a dude with shit in my fridge who likes to put things together…. thats all.

I dont measure shit. I will add in something just because. I will pour a little beer in something if I happen to be drinking one. I’m just out’chea winging it.

I will say though, the shit I make turns out really, really good.

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 5

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 6

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 7

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 8

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 9

Mix everything up and you have a dry coat that you want to toss the wings in.

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 10

After that, get your oven pan, foil it up and place a rack on it. Get your seasoned wings with the batter, shake off the excess and line them up on the rack ready for the oven.

I went with a preheat of 400 and moved down to 325 to cook them. 12 minutes on each side.

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 11

This is halfway through, after the first 12 minutes, I flip them over to get a good cook on both sides. I don’t know what I am doing and don’t know if this is really needed, but it felt good.

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 12

After your total 25 minutes is up, go ahead and bring them out of the oven. Decent crisp here for sure.

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 13

All the way cooked through, fat dripped down below the wings on to the pan and they are ready to swim in something.

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 14

This is a mango habanero situation. You can do your googles and get that recipe.

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 15


Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 16

Here are the wings, naked, just ready for a little drizzle of the premium Sesame Oil.

Crispy Chicken Wings Oven - 17

Really though, this is basically what you remember as fried chicken, but just baked in the oven. I had no idea what I was doing, but I’m happy with how this turnt out. I’ll be making these again on my next cheat earned it day.