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Kale and Bacon - 1

Here is the disclaimer:

I’m not a chef, I’m not even a cook… I’m just a dude with shit in my fridge who likes to put things together…. thats all.

I dont measure shit. I will add in something just because. I will pour a little beer in something if I happen to be drinking one. I’m just out’chea winging it.

I will say though, the shit I make turns out really, really good.

This one is simple. Kale and onion and bacon and some kind of stock.

In the first picture I thought I was going to put some tomato in there, but in the end it didnt make a ton of sense to do so.

Kale and Bacon - 2

Kale and Bacon - 3

Kale and Bacon - 5

Kale and Bacon - 6

Render down the bacon and remove for later use.


Kale and Bacon - 8

Cook a diced onion in the bacon fat.

Kale and Bacon - 7

Then, add your sliced kale into the onions and heat on high until the kale is evenly coated

Kale and Bacon - 9

Kale and Bacon - 10

Mix in your bacon and enough stock to simmer for a good 45 minutes.

Taste every 10 minutes or so after 25 to get the kale to the texture that you want.

I tend to like my kale like I like my collards so I let them simmer for about an hour.

Kale and Bacon - 11

Kale and Bacon - 12

Kale and Bacon - 13

* Yes, I get it. What’s the point of doing the kale thing if you are going to cook it with bacon….. aye, no one ever said this was a healthy recipe. I told you right in the post title!

Also, Funny how something that starts out so healthy is turnt inside out and made mad unhealthy just by adding a little bit of dead animal.

I’ll be vegan, as soon as the food starts tasting good. Not “good for vegan food” just good.

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