I Messed Around and Made An Open Faced Breffis Sammich – My Recipe (and Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs)

I had some hamburger buns and no hamburgers left, so I decided to make open face breakkie sandos.

You need bread, eggs, butter, chee

breffis sammich ingredients

The most important thing here, as with any breffis, are the eggs. Some would say the chee, some would say the bread, which are both right answers, but the eggs and more importantly how they are prepared is the most right.

breffis sammich - 1

So, two eggs, prepared the Gordon Ramsay way. Watch this:

To be honest, I just started scrambling eggs like this a few months ago and I am mad that I’d never seen this video before.

So, before you start the scram that’s only going to take about 2 – 3 minutes, go ahead and put your tomato slices in the oven.

This isn’t something you have to do, but I’m not a huge fan of hot and cold on the same sando, so a warm sliced tom is better. imo.

breffis sammich - 2

Eggs are done.

breffis sammich - 3

Bread is toasted.

breffis sammich - 4

breffis sammich - 5

Lay everything out and pop those jawns back in the oven for a quick chee melt and you are on your merrie way. Wake up baby doll to this and you might get another sesh out of it.

breffis sammich - 6

breffis sammich - 7

Speaking of Gordo making eggs, this is a fun one with him and Jimmy Kimmel

** Or, you can close it up like a proper savage **

I made this today for breffis

breffis sammich - 1