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1 pickled radishes carrots

I caught some inspiration today from some of the stuff that was in my FFTY delivery this week. They added a bunch of radishes, something that I have never cooked with or been especially fond of, until I remembered how much I liked getting a scoop full of spicy radishes and carrots every time I get myself a burrito from a certain spot.

So, I did what any resourceful home cook would do and I clicked on to Pinterest looking for a recipe. I found this one Pickled Radishes and Carrots from HONESTLYYum.com and did a little bit of S. recipe building and made some of my own.

2 pickled radishes carrots

I exchanged sugar for raw agave, not for anything stylistic, just because I dont keep sugar in sugar form at the crib but I have some agave that I use drops in when I make tea or a specialty cocktail.

3 pickled radishes carrots

Long story short ( and you know I’m not great with following a recipe line for line ) I went with white and red vinegar, water, agave and salt… cut up the vegetables pictured above and did the damn thing.

With the liquid, you bring the vinegars and water to a simmer, pour in some course sea salt and melt that down, then stir in some agave. Let that cool to room temp and fill up your jars with the vegetables and pour it over the veggies. Throw the whole thing in the fridge and be patient. After that, pop the jars open and get you eat on.

4 pickled radishes carrots

5 pickled radishes carrots

6 pickled radishes carrots

They are pretty damb tasty and I’m sure that I will tweek the recipe and vegetable mix going forward, but I’m glad I took this shot. Never done it before but will be doing it a lot more going forward. Gonna need some mason jars….. Maybe I can find some mason jars at the IME Amazon Store.

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