I made some sort of Scallops-Skrimp-Broccoli and Quinoa thingy : Dinner Tonight

1 broccoli

The dinners I make, are never really premeditated. I mean, I have ingredients in the fridge, I have some things to throw in there and a little bit of an idea, but most of the times I just open the refrigerator door and figure it out.

Thats probably why a lot of my meals end up being something with steak. Something with chicken. Or something that I just ordered because I said fuckit and didnt feel like cooking. Well, that is how I got fat, so I’ve had to make some changes. That is how I found FFTY, that is how I discovered a lot of new things to cook with, that is how I come up with stuff like I did here.

Let it be known, that I have no clue what kind of caloric load is in this meal, or if it looks particularly appealing or anything like that, but its one of my one off creations that I will be making better next time, and the time after that, and the time after that.

I look in my fridge and this was what was staring at me. Broccoli. Onion. Beef stock. Coconut milk. Gypsy peppers. Scallops and skrimps.

I’m not a chef, I’m a cook, I dont measure shit, I dont ‘plate’ shit, I just put it together, season it by eye and handle that shit! Thug style.

2 peppers

3 quinoa

4 beef broth

Slice or chop up the broccoli and peppers whoever you wish. Steam the broccoli separately so that you dont have to worry about cook time on it when its time to throw it together. Sauté the peppers down and then add the quinoa. Cook the quinoa appropriately and set it to the side or time it up and let it cook while you do everything else.

5 peppers and quinoa

6 scallops

Throw the scallops in first and get your season on… A lot of people are scared to season some shit because once you overdo it, its hard to come back, but dont get too light handed, when you season soft, you end up regretting the finished product. Seasoned AFTER you cook something and throw it on a plate or a bowl as opposed to food seasoned as you cook it a uuuuuge difference that you can taste.

Keep your basic seasonings around, S&P, garlic powder, garlic salt, cayenne, crushed red, etc. all handy. With this one I just did some garlic powder and S&P.

7 seasoned scallops

8 cooked quinoa

9 scallops and skrimp

Now, here is where I freaked it on you hoes. You throw the skrimps in a little bit later, because they dont take as long to cook as the scallops, and realistically, you dont want to ‘cook’ the skrimps and then add other stuff that needs to cook down, because you will be killing the texture of the shrimp. It will be like eating rocks.

For the ‘cream sauce’ what I did was just add a few tablespoons of the big spoons of coconut milk and squirted a gang of sriracha in there to kick it up a notch. Added some of that steamed broccoli from earlier, covered it all and let it simmer for about 3 minutes.

10 scallop skrimp broc

11 bowl quinoa

Throw some of the quinoa in a bowl, layer the broccoli in the bowl first, dish up some of the scallops and skrimps and then pour the sauce over the top. Done and done. From prep to finish in about 40 minutes. Shit is good as shit.

12 plated meal

Now, this may not be the healthiest meal in the game, but then again, it cant be that bad, right? I’ve got sea creatures and not red meat. I’m using coconut milk instead of heavy cream. I’ve got quinoa in the mix instead of rice or noodles. Broccoli is up in that piece. I would venture to say that this is a pretty damn solid.

Next time, maybe I will leave out the extra sauce… but I dont plate shit and I’m single as hell, so leaving stuff to waste doesnt make sense to me. I works too hard to be throwing away that good money.