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As I start all of the “My Recipes” posts here on IME< lets be clear that I am in no means a chef by any stretch, just a cook. Just a cook with really random ideas and a kitchen with random items and a hunger for random mixes as different times. This thing here, actually has some sort of reasoning behind it lest just bing what I have in my fridge and or pantry. As you know, the theme of thus site, is about being informed and knowing more about what is going into my body, how I can improve upon that and ways to make it palatable for the regular guy. Health purposes, cost purposes be damned, this is all about losing weight and looking good. One thing we do know is that portion sizes and red meat consumption is bad for you.... but as I have said many times before that shit is just so damned good that its hard to cut it out. One thing that helps is really really adding lots of flavor to it so that you dont need at much of it on your plate. I was at the market picking up more quinoa and I said to myself, a lot of people use this to stuff shit, but what if I straight mixed it in with the beef and made burgers out of it, would that work? I brought out my cellular and didnt see anything other than meatball mixes and then quinoa/eggplant or quinoa and black bean mixtures so it made sense that it would work with ground beef too. Decided to throw some mushrooms in there to make it easy on everyone and I really like mushrooms. This is the first time I've made this so its kind of a mess, but next time it will be so much better, and it was pretty damn good this time around. 2 prep 1

I bought a pound of 96/4 ground beef. I had cooked some quinoa and that is about a half a cup cooked that I was going to add to the meat. Half a cup or so of chopped mushrooms. Next time around I would spend more time cutting the mushrooms. If I’m making sliders that is, like I was today… Full size burgers it would prolly be all good, but for sliders too big for little patties.

Season, mix all ingredients. Refrigerate.

3 prep 2

4 mushroom quinoa beef mix

I sort of worried about the mixture staying together because the mushrooms weren’t really bonding with stuff and I didnt want to work it too much with my hands and meat the beef up. The less patting out patties that you do, the better. Anyways, take it out of the fridge when youre ready to get it on.

5 prep 3

After about 20 minutes in the fridge for me they were cool to cut out slider sized patties. I use a highball glass because it makes the right sized burgers for that Hawaiian sweet bread.

6 prep 4

7 prep 5

8 portioned out patties

9 patties detail

10 patties on grill

I was going to cook them on the skillet top and baste them in butter as I cooked but this is all about making healthier decisions so I brought out the Foreman Grill. The FG may be the butt of a lot of jokes, but I dont know anyone who doesnt have one and it made everyone involved A TON of money. Plus, even though its a bitch to clean, the FG is actually a great indoor cooking device.

11 foreman grille

And Fast.

12 cooked patties grille

It has those grease trays and its slanted so all of the “juice” aka meat fat gets out of the way of the food and just leaves the proteins. The food does come out a little bit drier, but its healthier. Once you get the hang of cooking with it and your timing down, you’d be surprised how well one could cook on a Foreman Grill.

14 burger cooked

Here they are. Done. Cooked. From fridge to plate in less than 7 minutes. Add mayo (seasoned greek yogurt for substitute) and chee and tomato and lettuce if you want. I just made sliders. Pretty good.

15 burger cooked detail

In conclusion. I could have used a one to one for the quinoa and ground beef. I’d 86 the mushrooms and just cook them separate. All in all this was a solid one and I will be doing it more for sure. Good times.

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