I love this Linen Cover Journals from SHINOLA Detroit – STUFF

shinola journal 2

This is a SMALL HARD LINEN JOURNAL from Shinola.

Linen hard cover American-made journals featuring smyth sewn binding—a superior binding technique that greatly improves overall durability and extends the lifespan of the journal, while enabling the pages to lie perfectly flat. Handcrafted in Ann Arbor, MI, from all US-sourced components, including acid-free paper from sustainably-managed American forests. Includes elastic closure.

shinola journal 3

I first got hip to Shinola, actually, about 2 1/2 years ago. A buddy of mine had moved to the D and he knows that I am in to watches. He’d seen some advertisements around town and he forwarded me their website. If I recall correctly, at the time, they just made watches and they were starting the bike thing. Maybe they were making other stuff already, but their website wasnt fully flushed out. Either way, I just remembered the watches. I thought there were a little bit pricey for a brand that I’d never heard of but I thought they were beautiful.

I kept an eye on Shinola, signed up for their mailing list but never bought anything from them.

I hadn’t planned on going out to Detroit any time soon, I’ve never been there, and didn’t have anything coming up… so it was going to be difficult to get my hands on one of the watches to look at. So, as they started making other products, I’ve waited until I saw something that would be a good entry product. Then, I saw their journals. And I ordered 4 of them. Two of the small ones and one medium.

I’m going to say that these are perfect.

They are out-standing. If the rest of their products are made with this attention to detail and craftsmanship, this company is going to be around and be around for a generation. They have watches, bikes, leather goods, pet stuff, among other things. I like it.

And, I love how they rep the D. And how they rep America. This company started out small, but they are literally one of the companies that is putting Detroit back on the map.

Here is a video on the journal process: