I had the Mandoline Grill Food Truck today for lunch….it was good.

1 mandoline truck

Today out in front of my work was the Mandoline Grill Food Truck so I decided to give them a whirl…. As I may have shared on the internets before, I’m over the gourmet food truck trend. Nothing against the good guys that run Mandoline Grill or any other truck, but maybe because I live in Los Angeles and maybe because at a lot of the “culture and lifestyle” events that are all around this wonderful city, there are A LOT of food trucks around. And not a lot like, 4 or 5 so you dont know what you are going to get, but a lot like, you can walk a few city blocks and not run into the same kind of truck serving the same kind of food. Lots of these dudes out there.

Mandoline Grill : on FACEBOOK : INSTAGRAM : TWITTER : www.mandolinegrill.com

Now, the interesting thing about my situation with food trucks is that I talk a lot of shit about them, but whenever I decide to stop and get to one, I’m always happy that I did. Today was no different… I rolled up to the guys from Mandoline and was a disappointed right from the jump because the sign out front said that they were out of Báhn Mì and Bún, but come to find out that was from last night… they quickly fixed the sign. I was one of their first customers so it was all good.

2 mandoline truck

3 mandoline truck

I didnt want a sando or a plated dish anyways so I went with the “Vietnamese nachos”

4 mandoline truck vietnamese nachos
Crispy corn tortilla chips with choice of meat, topped with jalapeno, mint, cilantro, scallion oil and sriracha oil

You can get chicken, pig, or tofu. I got it with the chicken. Shit looked right and was very very bomb diggity. Just a lot of chips… and I’m somewhat of a nacho whisperer when it comes to things like this, so even though the shit was delicious, I was missing a lot of elements from the nachos that I am used to. I needed beans, I needed cheese, I needed pico. These were Vietnamese nachos but it was chips, chicken, and sauce with a GANG of cilantro on top. It worked, I wasnt trippin and I enjoyed it, it was just a stretch for me to think they were the ‘chos.

Also had some 5 spice fries that were good too.

5 mandoline truck 5 spice fries

As you can see, this is a lot of food for lunch and it actually cost me less than 10 bones which I was surprised about… I really liked it and I want to hit these cats up for that Báhn Mì one of these days.

6 mandoline truck meal

They are good though forreals, check this guys out on the social networks and find them when they are near you. You wont be disappointed.