I gotta make this Avocado & Rice & Onion Salad thingy. Soon.

grilled avocado rice salad

I was surfing the internets and saw this picture in a “Daily Motivation” post on a website. I need to make this. Soon. Like, real soon. Shit looks bomb and it looks mad simple. All you gotta do is broil some avocado, make some couscous (or rice) / (or quinoa), dice some onions season it all up and put it on a bed of arugula or romaine or whatever you lettuce kind of choice is, right?

I’m gonna google image this and see if I can find out more.

Found :: Roasted avocado on a simple mixed lettuce/red onion/bulgur salad with a light lemon+olive/hemp oil dressing.

* I thought it was rice at first glance… maybe I need to go see the eye doc.