I Am Beyond Obsessed Right Now with Fruit Slicers

apple slicer 1

This is the most meaningless post that I have ever done on IME, but I have a super duper crush on this apple slicer that I borrowed from a friend at work for the last three days. I don’t know if I even knew that wonderful things like this existed. I mean, like, I knew that they existed but for some reason I never paid a whole bunch of attention to things like this. I just used knives or took fruit to the head like a normal person.

But, my laziness, may have reached a new height. I happened to be fishing around in my friends desk for a folk to use with something else and I saw this slicer in one of her drawers. I asked what it was for, even though I pretty much could have figured it out and she said, “Its to slice apples.” I happened to have an apple nearby, so I decided to test it out. She said that her and her dude literally fight over who gets to slice apples at home and I thought surely she had to be kidding. I used it once. And then I used it twice more that day. And i’ve used it two more times each day for the last two days.

I love this shit. I wonder if there are other fruit slicers that I need in my life as bad as an apple slicer. I’ve been googling them. Do they all work as well as the apple slicer. I’m sure they do and I need to get my hands on them all!!! Because, this thing, is perfect.

apple slicer 2

* The reason that I haven’t bought one yet, is because after I announced how badly I needed one, another co-worker said that maybe she had an extra one at home that her family has never even used and she would bring it to me. I’m waiting!!!