I absolutely LOVE this idea: “Active Collaborative Workspace” aka ACTIVEWORK

Brooklyn Boulders’ Active Collaborative Workspace (ACW) is built on the premise that a space full of raw energy, vibrancy, art, music, and people pushing physical and mental boundaries can truly foster creativity and more importantly, productivity. – Brooklyn Builders

I love everything about this idea. I know, from personal experience, how at times you can eeeeeasily get your work / life balance thing all screwed up. After working for a while, and missing some workouts, you just begin to forget about it all the time and stop being as active as you should be. And then you are sitting in a cube or in an office at a desk for 10 hours and you just become a fat slob…. So something like this would help out in that regard. Plus, I’m sure you can relate to the dozens of times that you may have had a brilliant idea while walking on the treadmill or spinning on a bike and forgotten about it by the time you get back in your car and have something to write with. I like the mix.

But, I don’t have some things that would give me pause about being in a place like this. Does the entire building smell like one big gym? What happens if the a/c for some reason decided to crap out? Is there a total separate area for eating and stuff like that, because I can only imagine having a mixture of sweat, people working out, a ton of noise, and someone who cooked their left over talapia in the microwave too long just making a mockery of your smelling senses.

The idea is awesome, and I wonder about the execution, but Im pretty sure that they have it all dialed in. There are rules, and you can check them out here.

I did it. For more information on the place, head to bobs.brooklynboulders.com

* RSN *

can you imagine the douche factor with bro dudes always going for the pull-up bar or trying to lift his max all the time. Easy dude, we’re at work!