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Proof That Fast Food Salads Are Anything But Healthful

HuffPost Healthy Living’s sixth installment of the ‘Unreal Eats’ original video series exploring the inside world of the foods we eat produced by Amber Genuske, Meredith Melnick & Laura Schocker. Unreal Eats is Healthy Living’s original video series, where we go behind calorie counts and health claims to examine what’s really in the processed foods that scream loudest in our food environment.

The Not-So-Sweet Truth About ‘Healthy Cereal’

These are two really good videos from the series that I like, a lot. The first on about fast food salads is pretty compelling when you look at them and what we should be eating in our daily calorie allotment, but at the same time its a little misleading. One thing that we know from looking at a lot of the nutritional breakdowns is that the salad itself aren’t really that bad. Most of them are just lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and stuff like that, but where you get in trouble is when you dump all of the dressing on it and top it with a piece of fried chicken and croutons. Most times you can find a grilled chicken alternative, but you gotta watch out for sodium and things like that on all of the proteins that you get from fast food places.

Cereal, although we love it, is starting to look like it is all bad. Sugar and sodium is the name of the game in boxed cereals becuase they need to add all that shit as preservatives. Just stay away. Crush some fruit or some oatmeal instead.

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