How to Properly Prepare and Enjoy SAKE : Hakutsuru Sake Junmai Organic

9 sake kit

As you may recall from this site earlier, my really good friend who gifts me things from Japan, in the last hook up, gave me a nice little SAKE set…. I didn’t have any SAKE at the crib, but couldn’t wait to run to the store and get some for consumption and then consume.

Normally, once you get the fixings (Sapporo goes perfectly with a good SAKE) some just kill it cold or warm it up in the microwave and get it going…. Since I had the kit from my friend, I decided to look it up on the internets of the ‘proper way’ to heat SAKE.

Here it is….

1 sake and sapporo

hakutsuru organic sake

I picked up some Hakutsuru Sake Junmai Organic : This wine is from Japan. Using only the premium Californian rice, Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake is carefully brewed with sophisticated skills and techniques.

Ingredients, brewing process, aging process, and bottling process are all USDA certified organic. Sharp and exhilarating. Dry and Light-bodied.. ALC. 14.5%

Here are some of the tools for me…. my tea kettle to heat the water, a bowl to put the flask in and the SAKE.

2 sake prep

The move is to heat the flask gently, so what I did was boil some water and throw that in the bowl, after the bowl was filled with the water, I placed the flask in gently and let it get up to temperature….

3 sake prep

4 sake prep

SAKE Flask chillin in a warm bath…..

5 sake prep

Then you want to fill up the flask with the SAKE

6 sake prep

Then place the warm flask full of SAKE into a small pot of boiling hot water, this is going to bring your SAKE up to temperature

7 sake prep

8 sake prep

Now get your set up ready, I don’t have one of those cool little trays yet, but I will soon. I just put out a paper towel on the table because I’m ready to get Mr. Miyagi twisted on some SAKE…..

9 sake prep

10 sake prep

Now, I’m single, but the kit comes with two baby cups… I brought both out because I didn’t want to look like that much of a ‘lic but I couldn’t decide what to do with the other baby cup, but then I had a moment of genius… you can’t pour all of the SAKE in your cup at once, and if you are like me and not a huge fan of shots, you want to sip the sake and get the best experience from it…. and you put the cup back down, you are going to lose some of that heat – so I used the other baby cup as a cover to keep my SAKE hot. I won.

11 sake prep

To keep it all the way 100 and official, there are proper heating temperatures to attain for different experiences, and there are ways that you pour the SAKE (with two hands) or you receive the SAKE being poured for you…. You aren’t supposed to drink from the flask to pour your own, but when you are solo dolo like I am, you get it in how you can.

Here is the aftermath of it all….

12 sake post

Hopefully I don’t end up like Algren….

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  1. Any luck on finding out where the sake set is from in japan? I was wanting to find a sake set like the one you have pictured.

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