HOUSE BEER May be My new Favorite beer. Now, if I Could Find It..

HOUSE BEER describes themselves as attempting To make a great tasting American Lager by using only quality ingredients and remaining highly drinkable.

And you know what, they may have just accomplished it.

I got hip to House Beer at the LA Vegan Beer and Food Fest a few months back and at the time, I described my HB experience as this:

“This was the first beer I tried, and I only tried it because there was no line. I’m all in. This HOUSE BEER is delicious! And, the cat that poured it were suuuuper bro-ey. Puffy vest. Henley shirt underneath. Wayfarer sunglasses. Big white watches. Trucker hats with the House Beer logo.”

But here is the thing, I’m not hating on it at all. Its the perfect marketing for this kind of libation. And, it was good as shit. I would say that its along the lines of a Curz, or a Miller Lite or a Budweiser, but graduated a little bit. A nice clean summer lager that you could sit by a pool or any body of water and drink all day long. I literally finished and had my mans fill my glass back up again because I was feeling that one.

But then, I couldn’t find it at my local alcohol depot, so for the most part I forgot about it.

Then, something interesting happened. A buddy of mine tagged me on one of their instagram pics because I had mentioned it to him and how good it was……

They have an OUTSTANDING social media team.

Red, White & Beer.

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….and then, I happened to be out a few weeks later, hanging at a club in DTLA when someone suggested an after party lituation at a friends loft down the street…. but we needed to beer and bourbon up because she was out of alcohol. Lo-and-behond, the market in the P+E building had some house.

I picked some up and it was a hit at the party.

Late gram. Last nights rooftop turnip in DTLA included my new favorite reeb, @housebeer.

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Our Brewers from House Beer on Vimeo.

After that, I decided to find out more about the beer and happened upon this video on their the facebook page.

Meet Ryan Boring, the master behind the House Beer recipe, as well as Robert Kuntz, Director of Brewing at Sleeping Giant Brewing Company who we have partnered up with to upscale House Beer while maintaining the attention to detail it deserves.

Then, I found it at Whole Food in Pasadena and bought what was left…

Now. We have a situation. All of these places that I purchased the beer are about 30 minutes from my apartment.

The beer is good, but its not drive 30 minutes good. I mean, Golden Road is like 10 minutes away.

Where Can I Eat :: GOLDEN ROAD BREWING in Glendale, CA – IME

So here is my problem, and I hope the social media team happens across this post. We need to know where the stuff is guys. I get it. Its popular. You are working on the branding with all of the parties and the instagram photoshoots and the t-shirts and the hats and the bracelets and rightfully enjoying the successes – I don’t begrudge that life AT ALL – but let the people who want it know where it is.

There was a location finder on the site, according to some deep dives on the instagram page, but now there is nothing. If you find it, you find it. I encourage you to.

I know the distribution of alcohol is reeeeeally hard, but let us know what we can do. Social media is a wonderful thing so if we need to start requesting it at bars or stores, put that out there.

Love what you guys are doing, big fan!

And, this logo is incredible. That graphic artist deserves some props.

house beer logo