HOLY KEY! Rapper Big Sean Might Go VEGAN

Holy Key Album Art

Khaled on the jet skiis, preaching what you believe in
Everything fast ‘cept the food, watch what we eating
If it add a couple years to our life, then we might go veganBig Sean

Slowly becoming my favorite rekkid on this DJ Khaled Major Key album. Lot of competition on it, several songs that really stand out but that line right here from Sean caught me.

Interesting that Sean talks about veganism in his album because both verses on this song were talking a lot about empowerment and the struggle of black folk and some things that can help, and checking on our food sources and what we are putting in our bodies would definitely help. But, that a discussion for a different post.

What I will say is that its kind of interesting because this isn’t the first time that Sean has dabbled in some vegan lyrics. As you know he was in a pretty well publicized relationship with Ariana Grande, and she’s vegan. He even said so in the Me, Myself and I freestyle from a while back. This mixtape freestyle is dope.

Since they cut my umbilical, I pass weed in my physical
Yeah my woman is vegan, she got my ass trying different food
I got her listenin to music that she wouldn’t listen to
Got her vibin to Nas, she like “Man, This what I been missin, boo?”Big Sean