“HISTORY OF EXERCISE” via Nick Offerman and FLOTUS

Nick Offerman delivers a musical of exercise with the help of First Lady Michelle Obama. Celebrating 60 years of the President’s Council on Fitness! – FoD

This is pretty good, and the video is being used to celebrate and inform us about the #0to60 movement going on.

In celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, the National Foundation on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition launched the #0to60 Campaign to inspire all Americans to accelerate their journey to leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

It’s actually a really solid app; with the #0to60 App you can:

  • View healthy lifestyle tips for all ages and abilities.
  • Try featured recipes.
  • Follow along with workout videos.
  • Learn more with resources – including programs, research, challenges, school assets, and more.
  • Get inspired by success stories.
  • Be astounded by celebrity content – workouts from professional athletes, recipes from celebrity chefs, and more!
  • Save tips and resources for later by adding them to your journey.
  • Sort content by areas of interest.
  • Share tips and resources on social media.
  • Access the tools you need to start living healthier, today and every day.

I’ve already downloaded it and plan to give it a good use over the next week to see whats up. You should too!

#0to60 – The Fastest Way to Living Healthy Starts Right Now