Hand Grips … Do they help at all or just make my hands hurt?

hand grips

I am the perfect person to have an Amazon Prime account, for Amazon, and I am the worst person to have an Amazon account, for me. I’m an impulse buyer. The kind of guy that when I buy something, if there is something that I kind of need, and its reasonably priced and you put it in front of my face, I will buy it. I said all that to say this, the other day I was on amazon and hand grips came across my screen and I bought them. They were like 6 bucks and I get free shipping with Prime, so why not?

The arrived today, and that picture is them. I used them for a couple of sets, remembering my days of a young’in and I remembered why I stopped using the old ones that I had. They make your hand hurt! And now thinking back on it, I don’t know if they did anything, back in the day, other than make my hands hurt.

So, the day and age that we are in, I googled them and here is what the internets say:

– More Forearm Muscularity – Muscles that are situated in your forearms are the ones controlling your fingers. Your forearm flexors control the closing of your hand, while your forearm extensors control the opening. These muscles will be the primary beneficiaries of using hand grips.

– Hand Endurance – Your hand endurance is automatically increased when you work out with hand grips, because you are increasing the quantity of force that your hands can apply.

– Increased Hand Strength – The third benefit of hand grips is increased hand strength, where you train to increase the power of both your fingers and your wrists.

– Improved Dexterity – Hand grips will work to build up your fingers independently, thus improving dexterity.

Ok, works for me… I just wonder how my palms will feel about all of this.

4 Benefits of Using Hand Grips – www.fitday.com