Gyms Are Filthy Places

examining-germs-gym, a site that compiles crucial info about popular fitness equipment, recently did a study where they gathered bacteria samples from 27 different pieces of equipment at three different gyms to get an idea of how many germs you may encounter when you touch a treadmill, exercise bike, or free weight.

The numbers are staggering…. but then again, I have no idea what these numbers mean. They do some comparisons to things that we commonly think are dirty like a cafeteria tray, a toilet seat, etc. And the gym equipment is something like a billion times worse! Not literally obviously.

I’m really curious to how a place like Equinox lines up in this kind of study. I go to the EQ and at my location there are like, 10 staffers on at all times cleaning something, wiping something down, mopping something. Its borderline the cleanest business that I’ve ever been to. Now, I wont walk around there without sandals on, but still. Its legit.

Still, gotta work out and I get a much different experience than I’d get at home or somewhere else. Love the gym and I’ve never gotten sick anyway. Plus, if you wear proper gear, if you wash your hands, if you wear gloves, you’ll be good. Because really, that is life right? Germs and bacteria everywhere!

The testing was done by EmLab P&K in which samples were collected from three different national name brand gym locations, by swabbing three treadmills, three exercise bikes, and three free weights in each gym.

After checking out this image, you probably want to know more. Head over to their website for another graphic and some in depth analysis.