Graham Hill tells us “Why he is a weekday vegetarian.” + his 420 sq. foot NYC apartment

Graham Hill founder of and tweets at @GHill.

Graham Hill founded the eco-blog and vlog, to help, as he says, “push sustainability into the mainstream,” with a design-forward style and an international, wide-ranging team committed to transforming complex issues into everyday concepts.

After doing a little bit of checking, Graham is not just a talker and a blogger who made a ton of money off of an idea, but he is really about that life. Take a look at this Gizmodo profile of his crib that is just 420 square feet but lives much bigger.

I always like seeing things like this because it really fires me up to minimize my life and lifestyle and see if I can become one of those sustainability guys…. but then I think of really random shit like, how many pairs of shoes does this guy own? There is no way that I would have enough room for all of my stuff. I’m looking around my living room right now and I have 10 shoe boxes with kicks that I havent even worn yet…. which begs the question, do I even need all of this stuff that I have.

The obvious answer is no, but, I like having choices like that. The irony is that its not like I have 10 pairs of Jordans for no reason, although I do have a few pairs of sneakers that I havent worn, but more so its that I have 3 or 4 pairs of wing tips that only get broken out on certain occasions…

then the other question that comes about is how much something like this would cost. I know that I couldn’t do something like this in my apartment. Or, I could, but I’d have to live there for a long time to get the value out of it that I put into it. Anything you do to an apartment that you are renting is staying when you leave. Not being in New York is a problem for things like this.

So, you think to yourself that you get a condo and do something like this… which has you thinking, ‘ok – its cool, but – what happens when you have a chick that wants to move in with you… or you mess around and get a girl pregnant? No way that you can raise a family in something like this. You wonder how old you have to be to live in something like this. Is it cool to live in this spot when you are 45 years old? What about a dog. Can a man’s dog live in something like this?

I dunno, after all of the maybe / maybe not stuff, I still want to do something like this….