Good Charlotte – Life Can’t Get Much Better

Good Charlotte – Life Can’t Get Much Better

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’m a sucker for any kind of video that is an on-the-road-tour-and-concert-footage type of situation, especially when its a band that I kind of dig and enjoy their music.

If I think back, I may be able to connect it to those super crazy Michael Jackson videos that you would see where he is travelling the world and selling out shows in Bucharest or Bolivia and there are just hundreds of thousands of fans enjoying the music and it seeming like one of the most awesome lives to ever live.

I like those Hard Knock Life tour videos, and GNR videos the Sum 41 videos and I can’t even front, I’ll watch the Taylor Swift videos and one of my all time favorites is from the Backstreet Boys or N’Sync I think.

But, bands do these types videos it better. These always do and I dig this one. The song is pretty legit too.

I wrote a whole post on another site a few days ago about the pop punk music scene seeming to be back with a vengeance and I can’t say that I’m mad at it. I was writing about Blink at the time, but I think a lot of it applies to GC as well….

Things change when bands see a ton of success and we see them disappear from the music scene for a minute. The twins have gotten in to other things and are worth a ton of jack now. They made good money when they were selling out stadiums and doing a ton of merch and selling a shit ton of records, but once you get in to tv and producing shit and real clothing brands, that’s a different kind of money.

So, there is just going to be a different energy – and it is few and far between the album of musicians that can continue to create the same way that they did when they were a band on the cum or they were kids rocking out in their garage. Another thing that is always addressed is that these dudes are mid 30s now. Not a knock, its just different seeing some teenagers or mid-20 years olds out there killing it, than seeing dudes with kids and families.

But, I’ve heard the music that they have on itunes from the albums pre-release and the songs are fvcking solid.

But, anyways, I love bands from LA that still bring it.