German NFL’er Moritz Boehringer Walks to work Everyday, 3 Miles

Humble, shy, German – he’s the first European to ever be drafted straight into the NFL. Meet Moritz Boehringer. He’s put everything on the line to make the Vikings.

really cool story about this Moritz Boehringer cat that I watched the other day. Basically, he’s the first ever german player drafted in to the NFL, or drafted in the first round by the NFL, or something like that. I forgot. But, the cool thing is how he walks to work everyday.

That’s cool, now on to the important tings.

What is this käsespätzle dish that he is talking about!!??!

German version of mac n chee?

I did some googlingwikipedia’ing research, and if you break the two words down, käse is cheese in German, and spätzle are a kind of soft egg noodle. ANd it looks like this:

kasespatzleimage via Chef Koch

Here is a recipe from Chef Koch which he calls, Fast Käsespätzle

So, here’s a funny ting that happened when I googled this kasespatzle, I went to the wiki page and there was another picture entitled with the Hungarian version of spatzle accompanied by some chicken:

By Kobako – photo taken by Kobako, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Now, I have to make this too.

I need to check in with some of my German friends and some of my Hungarian friends. I need to make some German käsespätzle and team that up with some Hungarian chicken paprikash!!

Can’t be too hard, right? I should be able to get all of my ingredients here in SoCal.