Fuck, That’s Delicious : LOS ANGELES + “Big League Chew” New Music – Action Bronson

In this episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious we head to the land of juice bars and drive-by’s: California. While in the Golden State, we check in with The Alchemist during a recording session, catch a culinary performance at the Odd Future Carnival, and get some Hollywood power lunch tips from Simon Rex at Ink. As if all that isn’t enough, Action meets up with B-Real for tacos on the East Side, and then balances it all out with a spectacular cauliflower recipe. That’s some California love. – Munchies

Here is the song that AB and The Alchemist put together:

bronson simon rex ink la

This moment in the picture above, is just a great moment.

I happened to be lucky enough (have the money) that myself and some friends went to INK. Restaurant a few weeks back and had similar experiences with the Voltaggio creations. I haven’t posted the experience on the pages of IME yey, but I will be doing that at some point today. When I happened to be watching this episode from AB, I fell out laughing when I saw this happen.

We had those moments a few weeks ago. There was a lot of, “FAM!! Yoooooh!!! We NEED to order another one of those!”

The food is that good. Best restaurant in Los Angeles in my humble.