Fridays Will Be Serving BEYOND MEAT Burgers at ALL of TGI Fridays Locations

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Now, this, is quite the news coming out of the Beyond Meat camp!!!

Plant-Based Beyond Burger is Joining the TGI Friday's Menu Nationwide
Starting today (January 2, 2018), The Beyond Burger will be featured on the TGI Fridays menu as The Beyond Meat Burger and features a 6-oz. patty seasoned, grilled and topped with white cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and Fridays sauce to appeal to heartier appetites. The Beyond Burger patty can be substituted for any existing builds from the TGI Fridays Burger Bar menu, served on the Challah Bun or “Green Style” on crispy green lettuce leaves without cheese or Fridays sauce for a vegan-friendly option.

And this has been a long time coming. You know that I am an avid fan of BB and if you check out my IG page, you see that I eat one or two of these every single week. I can’t tell you the number of people that I’ve put on to these burgers especially since they have been in grocery stores around me for the last few months.

Luckily, I live in southern California, and they have done a really good job of integrating themselves to local eateries around here like Golden Road and Veggie Grill and Delilah, but the fact that they are now going to be down with a national chain like Fridays is bonkers.

This is the real start of the revolution. This is how you takeover…and, I can’t wait to have the burger with some of those jalapeno thingies that Fridays has!!! I make them with jalapeno at home all the time but I dont go through the hassle of actually frying the penos at the crib. I’m super excited about this y’all, cant you tell!

Huge, HUGE kudos to TGI Friday’s for stepping up and adding this to their menu…now its our job to go out and support this and let them know that it wasn’t a bad ideaQ

Shhhh, I do wonder though what are the processes in place for cooking these burgers and if they will be cleaning off the flat top every time they cook them or if there is a separate section on the grill to cook them because there is that whole thing of deal animal “grease” and fat getting on to the Beyond Burger patty….but lets just keep that question between me and you and figure it out later….shhhhh.

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