Following The Rock on IG . Good Idea or Bad Idea?

So a friend of mine posted on facebook earlier today, in jest, “I was feeling really good about myself in the physical fitness thing and all…. but then I started following the Rock on Instagram!”

Which is funny, and I think its also something that every dude that has found the Rock on the social networks, has thought the first couple of times that he saw something from that behemoth showing up in their timeline. But then you start seeing him once every few days and you think, “You know what… this cat is kind of inspirational. If the Rock is working out right now, I should be working out right now. These abs aren’t going to cut themselves.”

But then you get realistic to yourself, a point made in the comments on my friends post, that HE GETS PAID to work out, to be in shape, to look like he looks.

I actually have that conversation with females when I want to get my haterade on and/or some chick is waxing poetic about how good that dude from Magic Mike or how hot some guy they saw at the gym was … and then I’m like, “LOOK, I gotta work.” errrr, “I gots bills to pay.”

My ass is at work from 7 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, and then I go home and get on my computer and work another 4 or 5 hours from home on some other shit…

If I could go work out during the day, EVERYDAY, I would look like that too. But I’d be broke as shit! and I wouldnt be able to do the other stuff that I put off for the few hours a week that I have free time. If I’m dating a girl and she wants me to keep surprising her with shoes and dinner and movies and shit like that, I gots to work baby!

This money aint gon’ make itself!

All of that is BS by the way, because even though you wont look like the Rock, ever, all that you need to do is about 30 minutes a day of cardial, throw around some iron for about 25 to 30 minutes, eat right (95% of the time) and you are good to go.

But what fun is that?

BUT…. it is inspirational and motivational and all the other -ational words that you can think of. You’d be surprised at the workout stuff that he shows and some of the insight we get into his life via social networks. Video, images, quotes like the Steve Jobs quote, we even see food stuff. I actually didnt even like cod other than fried up in batter and with a lot of tabasco dumped on it, with a side of french fries while watching a premier league football game #fishandchips

But I’ve started making my cod with rice, but still dumping a ton of tabasco on it … you know, because THE ROCK eats cod.

and then there is always the EPIC cheat days that the ROCK shows and tells us about.

Skip to the 2.30m mark to hear him describe it. Or go here to see The Rocks cheat day in all its glory.

the rock cheat day

Here is video of that quote up top, given during what some argue is one of the greatest speeches of all times.