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LOOKBOOK COOKBOOK is a website that features beautiful women, fashion content and “natural, fun baking, that is gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, but never boring.” Done. Done. and Done.

I like everything about this website. I may not have much use for the fashion stuff on here since I’ma dude, but you have me sold on everything else. I did a little bit of an IME investigation and there is a whole social network lifestyle set of LC. Follow one, follow them all, but make sure you are about the LOOKBOOK COOKBOOK life:


Lookbook Cookbook is the brainchild of photographer, model (I think), Toronto Canadia native, Jessica Milan. And now I love it even more…. for one, I like that it dispels the whole ‘models don’t eat’ thing – this is coming from a model… and the person who thought of it is Canadian. I love the Canadians!

Here are a few examples of the LC Life:

lookbook cookbook 2

And even though you may want to go to the twitter / Facebook / Instagram stuff for pics, make sure you bookmark their webpage too, TONS of great recipes over there!

lookbook cookbook 3

* The only problem I have is that I can’t bake for shit! I’m going to have to pay particular attention to the difficulty level setting before I try something here.

Great idea for a site!