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First things first, Alli Alberts is close to perfect.

You may not be familiar with her, but get familiar. She is currently in her second season for the Chicago Bliss Legends Football League team. She’s also a college graduate, she attended Washington University in St. Louis on a full-tuition academic scholarship and played volleyball and track.

She was also Valedictorian in high school and played varsity volleyball, basketball, and track.

She’s also in her second year residency in PROSTHODONTICS at UIC. She’s a dentist.

And-oh-by-the-way, she’s a f.cking smokeshow . Random aside, I wish there was a way to tell all of the women who have body types like Alli had (has), butt and thighs and a couple of bee stings, that you are perfect. Her body is crrraaaaaazy! Obviously now she is good and understands that she is phenomenal, but how many girls out there aren’t at that place yet?

I hate selfies and this instagram culture, but hopefully, one things positive of it at least is that many of the instagram chicks that pose and show their ass all the time for likes, at least show girls and young women that you ARE beautiful, you ARE something special. If every girl was built like Alli, I don’t know if I would be able to get any work done in life….

She’s made for greatness all the way around.

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ELITE DAILY did an awesome profile on her and you can check that out right here.

Growing up, Alli struggled with feeling comfortable in her own skin, but by playing for the Legends Football League, she’s become an empowered, confident female. Whether working in or on a male-dominated field, she’s learned if you love something and you’re good at it, nothing should stop you from reaching your full potential. – ED

Really quickly, there was a short clip in there showing when Alli went L-E-G-E-N-D!!! This may have been my favorite sports moment to happen in the last decade this side of the Lakers winning championships… best moment ever.

Anywhoo, I hadn’t heard of this Pretty.Strong show on Oxygen until today and I think that its worth a DVR pass off jump. Touching on what I was talking about earlier, this I believe and hope is a show all about the positive. This world can use a whole lot more people like Alli and the women on that show.

Find out all about the show PRETTY STRONG here at Oxygen