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I could be mistaken, but I think that Zuzana Light ( was the first in this new generation of fitness chicks / youtube video / workout host type of chick. I dont know all of the online fitness personalities, but she definitely was one of the girls who put this whole look on the internets.

Yoga pants, great ass, ridiculous abs, incredible boobage, super attractive and really really fitness minded. Why she isn’t the ‘face of women’s fitness’, I will never know. I have a feeling that its kind of a slow walk, and she is doing just fine being an internet superstar, but if ESPN still did those workout shows like whatever that show with Kiana Tom was, and “Bodyshaping”.. she would kill it!

When you think about it, the shit is borderline genius. Shoot a quick workout video from your apartment living room and get a ton of viewers both male and female to get your bread up. If you just google Zuzana Light, there is a TON of stuff on her on the internets. She is massive. Multiple youtube pages, tons of fan sites and a couple of her own sites.

Zuzana was perfect for this because she is ridiculously attractive and really really fit. I remember her from one of the first Body Rock TV videos from way back in 2009.

I’m sure there was some drama along the way, because she was the breakout star of BR TV, and it seemed like they tried to use some different chicks and stall her out a little bit on the videos, but we all know that she was the franchise of body rock. If you look at her branding now, she is using Zuzana as the brand with an homage to body rock, but she has her own yotuube channel, her own facebook and instagram and her own line of fitness products and videos and etc.

Check out all of her stuff here. Buy her products. Do her challenges. She is special.


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Blonde or brunette, she is hot!

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By the way, if you thought it was just about abs and ass and looking hot on video, you would be wrong, she also has a ton of information on eating healthy and ways to tighten up your diet on her website too. Check out this video about eating healthy lunches. She’s a great fitness personality to follow. Do it.

You want to know something crazy… so the other day when I decided to start doing “Fitness Chick” posts a couple of weeks ago, I was doing a little research on who to post, and Zuzana was one of the first that I thought about.

When I started to look at her twitter and IG stuff and facebook page, I noticed that she threw up a post on instagram from a place that is literally about 5 minutes from my place in Burbank.

Zuzana lives super close. I wonder if I will ever see her at Whole Foods or Trader Joes or Sprouts or something. That would be cool, because she is almost perfect.

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