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MC BARAO is a Philippine Islands Born, Houston TX Grown and NYC Resident who studied nutrition through National Academy of Sports Medicine to learn the fundamentals of fitness and fuel. She currently is a sports/fitness model at Wilhelmina NY, and she is becoming more and more famous by the day – she is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

I first got hip to her in a suuuuupppper random way : I was surfing around the internet last year some time and came across a video series of hers called, “IN THE MAKING” on vimeo.

IN THE MAKING Ep.1 from MC BARAO on Vimeo.

IN THE MAKING : A complete body transformation through 12 weeks of training, nutrition & supplementation. The goal of this series is to keep myself accountable and to show, through real life experiences, that it is very possible to reach your goals, no matter your starting point. Start and let’s keep going together.

I’m not even a chick and I watched this entire series week after week and learned a few things. For one, she’s super hot, but also, that she knows what the fugg she is talking about.

She goes hard, trains well, eats well, and shows you that the results can happen when you put your mind to it. Other than all the stuff you see with her, the videos are actually shot very well.

Its a five-part series, so make sure to click through to that vimeo link to watch the rest.

Following her on twitter and instagram is good. Really good. You should do it if I do say so myself….

MC Barao on Twitter : Instagram : Facebook :

Oh, here are some more pictures and some video of MC B!!

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Oh, she was a Maxim Hometown Hottie out of H-Town too!

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