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BELLA FALCONI is a VPX | Vitaflex sponsored athlete and model. NPC Figure. Fitness enthusiast. Motivation Speaker. Gym Rat. Attraction Law Believer. Brazilian-American. Nutrition Science student.

I got hip to this woman last week and havent been able to stop looking at her instagram page and twitter ever since. She’s got a body that absolutely wont fucking quit and she knows what she is talking about.

I’ve checked out her youtube page (video example above) and researched a lot of her articles and features on the interwebs and she’s got a really good feel for nutrition and working out, and is definitely one of those broads that motivates you when you are working out.

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Some dudes are intimidated by women who are built like this and have better abs than they do, but I am NOT one of those dudes. I’d take a Bella Falconi type every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

There is nothing worse than the chick who doesn’t understand that you HAVE TO hit the gym just to feel right and good about yourself, so it would be awesome to have your girl right there with you and always down to workout… and you know the other thing, I’m sure she would be down for all types of working out, if you know what I means!

My only issue, and its not with her, but where the hell do chicks like this workout??!!? I never see this kind of woman like this at my local spot. I must be training at the wrong places!

Make sure you keep up with Bella on the social networks and buy her products. We need more women like this in the world promoting good health and fitness.

Bella Falconi :: Twitter : Instagram : Facebook

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